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Looking to fundraise for your school, special cause, family in need, or to raise money for a charity? Let us help you...bella is committed to providing a fun and affordable fundraising plan that can help you reach your goal. We will donate 20% of your online fundraiser's sales (pre-tax/pre-shipping) directly to your cause. In addition, we add cash donation buttons to our site. 100% of all cash donations are paid directly to you. bella of Cape Cod will provide you a listing of all orders and cash donations (if any) and our final donation amount.
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Your online fundraiser will run for one full day on our site. Your guests will be given a special code to use at checkout that will designate their order to your fundraiser. All orders are shipped directly to your supporters. bella of Cape Cod puts the "fun" back into fundraising. To reserve your fundraiser, please be sure to email your guest list (email addresses only) as noted above to