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Classic Pearl Set Celadon Large Pearl Set with CZ

Green Pearl Necklace Set

Silver Pearls with CZ Silver Pearls with CZ

Grey Pearl CZ Set

Coral Pearl Necklace Coral Pearl Necklace

Beautiful shade of coral pearl necklace with a CZ twist closure ball. Perfect shorter necklace to pair with a dress or even just jeans.

Turquoise Pearl Necklace Turquoise Pearl Necklace

Bright turquoise short string of pearls with a CZ closure clasp.

White Pearl Necklace White Pearl Necklace

Ivory pearls on a short strand with a twist CZ closure.  Wear with CZ ball as the focus, or twist it for a pair of classic pearls!

Gray Pearl Necklace Gray Pearl Necklace

Short strand of light gray pearls with a twist CZ clasp closure.